Our Mission

Future technology, advanced results

LC Cell is a pioneer in the field of Human Stem Cell Technology for regenerative aesthetics. As one of the first worldwide to develop cosmeceutical products that harness the power of Human Stem Cells, we are on a mission to improve skin health and appearance through our clinical formulations. Based in Florida, USA, LC Cell follows the rigorous safety standards and guidelines of the U.S. health regulations.

Through cutting-edge research and development with Human Stem Cells and next-generation active ingredients, our range of professional and consumer skin and hair care achieves revolutionary results. Where yesterday’s products leave patients wanting more, LC Cell satisfies every skin type and indication with specialized products that yield visible results and complement professional aesthetic procedures.

LC Cell is in high demand worldwide, and our lines are customized for the needs of every market, through market research and the valuable feedback of our physician partners and their patients. Our team of experts is in constant collaboration to create better products, predict the next trend in skin and body enhancements, and expand our unique product offerings.

In our facilities we train our clients and international partners from around the globe on our wide range of products. We participate in the world’s foremost scientific conferences on aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and dermatology to keep ourselves consistent with the needs and concerns of real practices and patients. Frequent and open communication ensures the best service for all those who trust LC Cell around the world.

Contact us to inquire about LC Cell products, partnership opportunities, or to invite us to serve your practice and patients with the dramatic difference of LC Cell.